My Poems

Remedy kind

With a watery, soggy soul
forced through flames dying down
stifling steam bursts a breath
of aspen ash crackling coals
material meets its final faith

Final faith goes on

Black burnt sterile soil
damp dry damp dry
“Ripe for roots seeds spread”
spoken sapodilla from yonder years
wondrous wheel turn back

Sullen sapling wait to watch

Nesting your nightingales sheltering squirrels
damp dry damp dry
cracking clouds feast your flesh
glowing glory now realized
reclaim and regrow your final fate

Fog, Fog oh Foggy

My toy
you are an open door
and I see everything
you can become I can become
we will become together
like shoelaces or Velcro
or sunshine and cut grass
like paper valentines be mine
This is why . . .

You understand my tempest fits
with silent solidarity riding out
the foul weather of broken dreams.
Like ivy you are ever green. Here
to soothe my soul in subtle ways
without condition pure you listen
and lace me with affection
when I want to be
spoiled spinning with security
tell me what I want to hear
you try so hard. I feel it in you
when I can’t let go.
I won’t let you go.

Sweetheart, Honey, Angel
candy-coated terms of endearment
caramelize on my hot tongue
and you are mine
my friend and lover
in my hands
my toy

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