CAC Company Registration

“Registering your business legally is an important step of your business journey.

The next question is what type of business you should register. Don’t worry as we explain each type of business below so you can choose..”

Business Name Registration

Registering a business name is the fastest way of getting a start-up legally running in Nigeria. The process enables you to use your chosen name for corporate transactions like opening a bank account and operating legally in Nigeria. With this option, you can open a sole proprietorship (one-person) or partnership (two or more people). Get started now.

Private Limited Liability Company Registration

A Private Limited Liability Company is a business arrangement which is separate from its members(owners). The liabilities of members here may be limited by shares, guarantee or may be unlimited. Here the name of the Company being registered must end with the suffix “Limited(Ltd)” / “Limited by Guarantee(Ltd/Gte)” / or “Unlimited(Unltd)”. Get started now.

Trademark Registration

A Registered Trademark gives your brand legal protection over aspects like Brand name, logo, catch phrase or a combination of these from unauthorized use.

The Trademark process is divided into 3-stages:

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